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From street cleaning and waste management to the demolition of structures and the transport of slurry, we are committed to providing a complete and efficient service to satisfy all your needs.

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We have a highly trained and experienced team in all areas of our services. Our staff is equipped with the most advanced tools and machinery to perform jobs effectively and quickly, without compromising the quality of service.


Street cleaning

Our street cleaning services include solid waste removal, street and sidewalk cleaning, garbage collection, and hazardous waste removal.



We have a large fleet of modern trucks equipped with the most advanced technology to transport any type of cargo, be it solid, liquid or hazardous waste.



We offer a wide range of demolition and site preparation services for construction projects.



Whether it is domestic, industrial or construction waste, we are prepared to handle it properly with our grab.

Natural disasters and pandemics

During the turmoil of these phenomena, Planas Martínez carried out deep and frequent cleaning of public and private areas, getting involved in the elimination of waste generated by the damage caused and minimizing the negative effects.



We provide tailored cleaning and disinfection services to help minimize the spread of contagious diseases.



Our services include clearing and removing snow, debris, and other debris from streets, highways, and other public spaces.

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