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A company was born 38 years ago that today maintains its principles of commitment to the environment and social collaboration. Planas Martínez was born as a project between two young entrepreneurs.

Planas Martínez

The company Planas Martínez S.L. was born in 1984 by the hand of friends and associates José Luis Plana and Ramón Martínez.

Planas Martínez we are pioneers in waste management, since when we started this project there was not so much knowledge about recycling, and over time these small steps are what have allowed us to evolve and learn.


The Caspe City Council wanted to reward Planas Martínez S.L. in recognition of his long journey.


During the pandemic, Planas Martínez selflessly decided to disinfect the streets of Caspe.

We are going to work with the values that we have been taught, it is what has made the company evolve.
Ramón Martínez

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